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What is terahertz? According to Wikipedia terahertz radiation refers to electromagnetic waves propagating at frequencies in the terahertz range. It is synonymously termed submillimeter radiation, terahertz waves, terahertz light, T-rays, T-waves, T-light, T-lux, THz. The term typically applies to electromagnetic radiation with frequencies between high-frequency edge of the microwave band, 300 gigahertz (31011 Hz), and the long-wavelength edge of far-infrared light, 3000 GHz (31012 Hz or 3 THz). In wavelengths, this range corresponds to 0.1 mm (or 100 m) infrared to 1.0 mm microwave. The THz band straddles the region where electromagnetic physics can best be described by its wave-like characteristics (microwave) and its particle-like characteristics (infrared). According to some authors the THz band is also designated as Tremendously high frequency or THF. For more Terahertz info visit http//

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Health and Medical > Medical Equipment and Supplies > X-ray Laboratory Equip, Medical

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Tellcar Innovations, LLC is the owner of emerging terahertz properties:,,,,,,,,,,,,

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